Aleksander Kamiński

Kamiński, ''[[nom de guerre]]'' "Kamyk" Aleksander Kamiński, assumed name: ''Aleksander Kędzierski''. Also known under aliases such as ''Dąbrowski'', ''J. Dąbrowski, Fabrykant, Faktor, Juliusz Górecki, Hubert, Kamyk, Kaźmierczak, Bambaju'' (born 28 January 1903 in Warsaw, died 15 March 1978) – a teacher, educator, professor of humanities, co-founder of Cub Scouts methodology, scout instructor, scoutmaster, soldier of the Home Army and one of the ideological leaders of the Grey Ranks, chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Polish Scouting Association.

Janina Kamińska's husband, Polish archaeologist, educator and instructor of the Polish Scouting Association, father of Ewa Rzetelska-Feleszko (linguistics professor). Provided by Wikipedia
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