Biogeography of Persephonella in deep-sea hydrothermal vents of the Western Pacific.

Deep-sea hydrothermal vent fields are areas on the seafloor with high biological productivity fueled by microbial chemosynthesis. Members of the Aquificales genus Persephonella are obligately chemosynthetic bacteria, and appear to be key players in carbon, sulfur, and nitrogen cycles in high tempera...

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Main Authors: Sayaka eMino, Hiroko eMaikita, Tomohiro eToki, Junichi eMiyazaki, Shingo eKato, Hiromi eWatanabe, Hiroyuki eImachi, Tomo-o eWatsuji, Takuro eNunoura, Shigeaki eKojima, Tomoo eSawabe, Ken eTakai, Satoshi eNakagawa
Format: Article
Published: Frontiers Media S.A. 2013-04-01
Series:Frontiers in Microbiology
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