Antibiotic export by MexB multidrug efflux transporter is allosterically controlled by a MexA-OprM chaperone-like complex

The tripartite multidrug efflux system MexAB-OprM is a major actor in Pseudomonas aeruginosa antibiotic resistance by exporting a large variety of antimicrobial compounds. Here authors present cryo-EM structures of MexB at various stages of the assembly process and provide evidence that MexB activat...

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Main Authors: Marie Glavier, Dhenesh Puvanendran, Dimitri Salvador, Marion Decossas, Gilles Phan, Cyril Garnier, Elisa Frezza, Quentin Cece, Guy Schoehn, Martin Picard, Jean-Christophe Taveau, Laetitia Daury, Isabelle Broutin, Olivier Lambert
Format: Article
Published: Nature Publishing Group 2020-10-01
Series:Nature Communications
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