Killing of Staphylococci by θ-Defensins Involves Membrane Impairment and Activation of Autolytic Enzymes

θ-Defensins are cyclic antimicrobial peptides expressed in leukocytes of Old world monkeys. To get insight into their antibacterial mode of action, we studied the activity of RTDs (rhesus macaque θ-defensins) against staphylococci. We found that in contrast to other defensins, RTDs do not interfere...

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Main Authors: Miriam Wilmes, Marina Stockem, Gabriele Bierbaum, Martin Schlag, Friedrich Götz, Dat Q. Tran, Justin B. Schaal, André J. Ouellette, Michael E. Selsted, Hans-Georg Sahl
Format: Article
Published: MDPI AG 2014-11-01
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