Crystal structure of 2-(1,3-dioxoindan-2-yl)isoquinoline-1,3,4-trione

In the title isoquinoline-1,3,4-trione derivative, C18H9NO5, the five-membered ring of the indane fragment adopts an envelope conformation with the nitrogen-substituted C atom being the flap. The planes of the indane benzene ring and the isoquinoline-1,3,4-trione ring make a dihedral angle of 82.06...

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Main Authors: Ghalib, Raza Murad (Author), C. S., Chidan Kumar (Author), Hashim, Rokiah (Author), Sulaiman, Othman (Author), Fun, Hoong Kun (Author)
Format: Article
Published: International Union of Crystallography, 2015.
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