The transcription factor BATF operates as an essential differentiation checkpoint in early effector CD8[superscript +] T cells

The transcription factor BATF is required for the differentiation of interleukin 17 (IL-17)-producing helper T cells (T[subscript H]17 cells) and follicular helper T cells (T[subscript FH] cells). Here we identified a fundamental role for BATF in regulating the differentiation of effector of CD8[sup...

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Main Authors: Kurachi, Makoto (Author), Barnitz, R. Anthony (Author), Yosef, Nir (Author), Odorizzi, Pamela M. (Author), DiIorio, Michael A. (Author), Lemieux, Madeleine E. (Author), Yates, Kathleen (Author), Godec, Jernej (Author), Klatt, Martin G. (Author), Regev, Aviv (Contributor), Wherry, E. John (Author), Haining, W. Nicholas (Author)
Other Authors: Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Department of Biology (Contributor)
Format: Article
Published: Nature Publishing Group, 2015-04-22T17:45:25Z.
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