Treatment modalities and risk factors associated with refractory neurosensory disturbances of the inferior alveolar nerve following oral surgery: a multicentre retrospective study

Little research has been conducted into hypoesthesia, and no studies have elucidated the risk factors for refractory hypoesthesia and compared treatment modalities. The purpose of this multicentre retrospective cohort study was to investigate the relationships between various risk factors, treatment...

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Main Authors: Akashi, M. (Author), Amano, R. (Author), Fujita, S. (Author), Funahara, M. (Author), Furuno, S. (Author), Hasegawa, T. (Author), Hayashida, S. (Author), Japanese Study Group of Cooperative Dentistry with Medicine (JCDM) (Author), Kirita, T. (Author), Kojima, Y. (Author), Komori, T. (Author), Kurita, H. (Author), Miyamoto, H. (Author), Mori, K. (Author), Shibuya, Y. (Author), Soutome, S. (Author), Ueda, N. (Author), Umeda, M. (Author), Yamada, S.I (Author)
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Published: Churchill Livingstone 2018
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