A bio-based alginate aerogel as an ionic liquid support for the efficient synthesis of cyclic carbonates from co2 and epoxides

In this work, the ionic liquid [Aliquat][Cl] was supported into alginate and silica aerogel matrices and applied as a catalyst in the cycloaddition reaction between CO2 and a bio-based epoxide (limonene oxide). The efficiency of the alginate aerogel system is much higher than that of the silica one....

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Main Authors: Bermejo, M.D (Author), Cocero, M.J (Author), Guedes da Silva, M.F.C (Author), Mahmudov, K.T (Author), Martín, Á (Author), Mustapa, A.N (Author), Nunes, A.V.M (Author), Paninho, A.B (Author), Pombeiro, A.J.L (Author)
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Published: MDPI 2021
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