Improved sea level record over the satellite altimetry era (1993-2010) from the Climate Change Initiative project

Sea level is one of the 50 Essential Climate Variables (ECVs) listed by the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS) in climate change monitoring. In the past two decades, sea level has been routinely measured from space using satellite altimetry techniques. In order to address a number of important s...

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Main Authors: Ablain, M. (Author), Cazenave, A. (Author), Larnicol, G. (Author), Balmaseda, M. (Author), Cipollini, P. (Author), Faugère, Y. (Author), Fernandes, M.J (Author), Henry, O. (Author), Johannessen, J.A (Author), Knudsen, P. (Author), Andersen, O. (Author), Legeais, J. (Author), Meyssignac, B. (Author), Picot, N. (Author), Roca, M. (Author), Rudenko, S. (Author), Scharffenberg, M.G (Author), Stammer, D. (Author), Timms, G. (Author), Benveniste, J. (Author)
Format: Article
Published: 2015-01-13.
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