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    by Cyril Trépier
    Published 2013-12-01
    ... the Spanish central and Catalan governments comparable to the one firmed by David Cameron and Alex Salmond...
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    by Edwige Camp
    Published 2014-12-01
    ... under the leadership of Alex Salmond, first becoming the main opposition party, then the ruling...
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    by Annie Thiec
    Published 2006-10-01
    ... 1990 on, the SNP, under Alex Salmond’s leadership, came to adopt a more moderate and pragmatic strategy...
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    by Gallagher, Tom G.P.
    Published 2014
    ...Alex Salmond, a talented politician in charge of Scotland's devolved government since 2007...
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    by Mauchline, Natalie
    Published 2018
    ... figures having an impact in both Westminster and Holyrood. The most well-known of these figures is Alex...
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    by Ronkainen, L. (Liisa)
    Published 2016
    ... by Scottish National party leader Alex Salmond, the other was for staying in the UK, held by Scottish Labour...
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    by Mc Glinn, Sarah
    Published 2013
    ... Minister Alex Salmond held a summit in Edinburgh with representatives from Celtic, Rangers, Scottish...
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