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    by Dr. Jigna Trivedi, Dr. Bindiya Kunal Soni
    Published 2015-12-01
    .... Gujarat has a wide variety of soils, rainfall pattern, temperature regimes, and irrigation availability...
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    by D V Delvadia, T R Ahlawat, R S Chovatia, A V Barad
    Published 2008-12-01
    ... ideally suited to Saurashtra region in Gujarat. The cultivars evaluated were Basrai, Harichal, Robusta...
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    by Chaube, Mahesh Chandra
    Published 2007
    ...Chalukyas of Gujarat...
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    ...This is a very first attempt to compile a checklist of spiders from Gujarat.  It is a result...
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    by Deepika Uikey, Rima Joshi, Bela J Shah, Nikhil Verma
    Published 2019-01-01
    ... of leprosy in the Ahmedabad district of Gujarat. Methods: Three hundred new cases of leprosy (multidrug...
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    by Clerke A, Leuva A, Joshi C, Trivedi S
    Published 2002-04-01
    ...BACKGROUND: South Gujarat has been witnessing increasing incidence of leptospirosis for the last...
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    by Bonar, Thane
    Published 2010
    ...Scholars writing on the rise of Hindutva, particularly in Gujarat state, have attributed its...
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    by Yeolekar, Mugdha
    Published 2010
    ... Hindus and Muslims are not new phenomena in Gujarat. Yet the active participation of people from all...
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    by Rajendra Kumar, S Kalavathy
    Published 2013-12-01
    ...) in dry deciduous forest of North Gujarat. The phenological behavior of most of the woody species...
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