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    by Joseph Kremer, Kristin A Cutler
    Published 2018-06-01
    ...This article explicates the ways that the popular television series Sons of Anarchy in conjunction...
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    by Forés Rossell, Maria Consuelo
    Published 2020-12-01
    ... such as V for Vendetta and Sons of Anarchy recycle the Shakespearean legacy from a critical point of view...
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    by Sander, Johanna
    Published 2010
    ...In 2008 Fox first aired its hit show Sons of Anarchy, a drama series about a Californian motorcycle...
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    by Mayte Donstrup Portilla
    Published 2017-11-01
    ...Reseña del libro colectivo Sons of Anarchy. Estudio ideológico, narrativo y mitológico de la serie...
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    ... to retain power for their families. The case studies examine Gemma Morrow from Sons of Anarchy and Cersei...
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    by Ariel Gómez Ponce
    Published 2018-07-01
    ... de TV (Animal Kingdom y Sons of Anarchy) en las cuales esta apropiación de la barbarie pone en...
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