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    by Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen
    Published 2014-12-01
    ...Applying Peirce in Tallinn and Helsinki....
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    by M. Mars, T. Aas, V. Harvig
    Published 2007-12-01
    ...The history of development of the Tallinn Public Observatory is described....
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    by Ülle Rannut, Mart Rannut
    Published 2010-05-01
    ...<p>In the article home languages, their qualities and use by pupils in grades 2 to 5 in Tallinn...
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    by Kalv P., Harvig V., Aas T., Pustylnik I.
    Published 2003-12-01
    ...We briefly describe the dual-star photometer designed by P. Kalv, a former director of Tallinn...
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    by Andrzej Klonder
    Published 2014-01-01
    Subjects: ...Vana Tallinn -- czasopismo...
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    ...The fifth international meeting of the European Architectural History Network was held in Tallinn...
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    by Stanković Mirjana S., Pezo Lato L.
    Published 2003-01-01
    ..., production plant in Tallinn, Estonia was constructed, with a capacity of 100,000 t/y from 1989. to 1993...
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    by Lill Sarv, Ralf-Martin Soe
    Published 2021-04-01
    .... For the analyses, we used the example of Tallinn, a middle-sized European capital city acknowledged in innovation...
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    by Signe Vanker, Mart Enneveer, Margit Mäsak
    Published 2013-03-01
    ... in Tallinn Airport and the implementation of measures to make the airport more environmentally friendly...
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    by Aigi Heero
    Published 2014-07-01
    Subjects: ...Literature of 17th century in Tallinn...
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    by Vaher, Rein, Miidel, Avo, Raukas, Anto, Tavast, Elvi
    Published 2010-03-01
    ...-grained sand) deposits. The Tallinn valley with its tributary valleys (Saku and Sausti) and fore-klint...
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    by Gustavson, Heino
    Published 1992-01-01
    Subjects: ...die Medizin;Tallinn (Reval);das Rote Kreuz;die Ärzte...