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    by Shafii, Zurina, Salleh, Supiah
    Published 2010
    Subjects: ...Accounting. Bookkeeping...
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    by Raouf, Hajar
    Published 2018
    ... their traditional and innovative business activities. As financial risk management dwells at the heart...
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    ..., the investment based on Islamic financial products (PFI) may also present some risks. Risk management has...
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    by Lekpek Ahmedin
    Published 2017-01-01
    Subjects: ...Islam...
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    by Sharbatly, Abdulaziz
    Published 2016
    ... during the 2007-8 Financial Crisis is proof of the proposition that all Islamic banks (IBs) are immune...
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    by Vega Wafaretta, Nurika Restuningdiah
    Published 2020-07-01
    Subjects: ...accrual-based earnings management (aem), real earnings management (rem), variables costs...
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    by Ali Basah, Mohamad
    Published 2012
    ... management practice falls short of that of international banks. It was also found that Islamic banks have...
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    by Al-Mannai, Muna Ahmed
    Published 2017
    ... an investment where Islamic Financial Institutions (IFIs) and investors are bound together by a contractual...
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    by Agus Arwani
    Published 2017-10-01
    Subjects: ...Accountant, Sharia, MEA...
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    by Dodik Siswantoro
    Published 2012-08-01
    ...Tazkia Islamic Finance and Business Review...
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    by Hayek, Ali
    Published 2016
    ... during the financial crisis (Farooq and Zaheer, 2015), the research found that Islamic banks...
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    by Hariandy Hasbi, Bethani Suryawardani
    Published 2017-03-01
    Subjects: ...islamic insurance, early warning system, solvability...
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    Subjects: ...Mudharabah Financing, Islamic Business Ethics, Information Asymmetry, and Performance...
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