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    by Gallizio, Federico
    Published 2009
    .... === The problem of the separated flows dynamics past obstacles at rest or moving bodies is addressed by means...
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    .... This can be ascribed to the intrinsic advantages of FlFFF for the separation of nano(bio)analytes. FlFFF...
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    Doctoral Thesis
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    by C. Gasparini, V. De Rubeis, P. Tosi
    Published 1995-06-01
    ... conclusions. This study presents a statistical method as the basis for distinguishing the diverse components...
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    by Sismey, J E
    Published 1948
    ...[From Introduction]. This thesis deals with the determination of copper and nickel both separately...
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    by Kamande, Mary Waithira
    Published 2005
    ... The goal of the research presented in this dissertation is to develop effective analytical methods...
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    ...(succinate)2-](org). The method is free from interference of large number cations and anions. The method...
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    by Zhuang Jia-Yu, Qiao Peng, Li Zhe-Min
    Published 2016-01-01
    Subjects: ...the method of separation of variables...
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    by H. Kheiri, A. Mojaver, S. Shahi
    Published 2015-06-01
    Subjects: ...Method of separating variables...
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    by Qin Hu, Xiaojuan Gong, Lizhen Liu, Martin M. F. Choi
    Published 2017-01-01
    ..., and illustrated with applied examples. In addition, the analytical separation methods for C-dots (including...
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    by Bromley, Michael
    Published 2013
    .... The fabrication of nanoporous metal by this novel method adds a conductive and permeable metallic structure...
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