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    by Ismoilov, Abbos
    Published 2016
    ... rudimentary, basically the only damping is provided by the tires. To meet futuredemands on operator comfort...
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    Doctoral Thesis
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    by Csizmazia, Joseph
    Published 2011
    Subjects: ...Forests and forestry -- Research...
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    by Singh, Jitendra Prasad
    Published 1995
    ... meeting their basic needs by establishing agroforestry and forestry on degraded land. This study aimed...
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    by Mahdavi, A., Naghdi, R.
    Published 2007-04-01
    ... and to identify the gaps in information and data flow in forestry sector in Iran. The study evaluated the data...
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    ... as traditional rural societies are concerned, one basic problem is that the establishment of forestry activities...
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    by 陳蒨芳
    Published 2002
    ... more stress on general basic subjects is very high. (4) About the problems of forestry...
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    ... had a hierarchical structure. The upper level contained basic principles and the most general...
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    by Jozef Slugeň, Richard Matúška
    Published 2014-01-01
    .... Our goal is to create a work that could serve as a basis for use such ropes in forestry of countries...
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    by M.Yu. Chik
    Published 2017-12-01
    Subjects: ...forestry...
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    by Mikola, Peitsa
    Published 1979-01-01
    ... include a) basic courses, obligatory for all forestry students, b) optional courses, and c) advanced...
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    by Almeida A. Sitoe, Benard S. Guedes
    Published 2015-12-01
    Subjects: forestry...
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    by Sinan Güner, Aydın Tüfekçioğlu
    Published 2008-04-01
    ... of their inhabitants. Beyond ecological and aesthetic benefits, urban forestry has a role in helping resource-poor...
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    ... legislation that prescribes forest management and/or protects certain functions of forests, where the basic...
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