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    by LI,CHUN-I, 李俊毅
    Published 2018
    ... researches to explore and extract its essences. This thesis basically probes into manufacturing field...
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    by LIN,BEI-HE, 林倍禾
    Published 2016
    ... more diverse and convenient, even if not use hand- embroidery machine also can be accurately...
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    by Akif PAMUK, Köksal MUÇ
    Published 2021-04-01
    ... descriptions of roles. On the other hand, history textbooksconstruct and legitimize the historical context...
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    by Semra KILIÇ KARATAY
    Published 2017-10-01
    ... made with hands or with basic tools, carrying society's culture- customs and traditions...
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    by Williams, Quentin E.
    Published 2021
    ..., and in the linguistic landscape and the aesthetics of photographic embroidery. Mzoli's Meat, on the other hand, with its...
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    by 羅麗珍
    Published 2003
    .... wigs enabled the hairstyles to be fixed on the one hand. On the other, it was able to add the quantity...
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