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    by Kucuk, M., Erturk, E.
    Published 2013
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    by Robert F. Baldwin, Karen F. Beazley
    Published 2019-03-01
    ...Despite significant investments in protected areas, biodiversity continues to show the negative...
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    by Mehmet Metaj
    Published 2009-06-01
    Subjects: ...protected areas...
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    by Roger Crofts
    Published 2019-12-01
    ... of biodiversity and geodiversity in protected areas are often considered separately in international systems...
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    by Ángel Delso, Javier Fajardo, Jesús Muñoz
    Published 2021-06-01
    ... that the representativeness of unseen biodiversity in the studied protected areas, or extrinsic representativeness, is low...
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    ... been devastated by inadequate anthropic activities. Protected areas have been created to protect...
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    by Noelia Zafra-Calvo, Jonas Geldmann
    Published 2020-06-01
    Subjects: ...Protected area design and planning...
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    by Robin L Cox, Emma C Underwood
    Published 2011-01-01
    .... Habitat conversion will clearly outpace expansion of formal protected-area networks, and conservationists...
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    by Andrés Viña, Jianguo Liu
    Published 2017-06-01
    ...Abstract Many of the current protected areas worldwide are established for the conservation...
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    by Kuei-Ching Wu, 巫桂菁
    Published 2003
    ... distribution of protected area (including national parks, nature reserves, and wildlife refuges), (2...
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    by Zoe T. Richards, Jon C. Day
    Published 2018-05-01
    Subjects: ...World heritage area...
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    by Peter Kullberg, Enrico Di Minin, Atte Moilanen
    Published 2019-10-01
    ...Using spatial prioritization, we identify priority areas for the expansion of the global protected...
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