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    by Averyt, Alton Roger
    Published 1949
    Subjects: ...brass ensemble...
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    by Cantu, Francis
    Published 1947
    Subjects: ...Brass instruments Instruction and study...
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    by I. I. Reout, A. L. Krivchenko
    Published 2011-12-01
    ... module for the mass unit is about 4 % higher for tossing the brass plate in case of using A-IX-1...
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    by Resch, Janelle
    Published 2013
    Subjects: ...discontinuus Galerkin method...
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    by Yangbo Liu, Changshui Wu, Sheng Lu, Xianzheng Ling
    Published 2015-12-01
    Subjects: ...finite element method...
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    by Eriksen, Kirstie
    Published 2015
    ... are to investigate the teaching methods embedded in the oral transmission of music knowledge, the musicians’ playing...
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    by Mahmoud Saad
    Published 2017-07-01
    Subjects: ...copper maqasir (compartments); central delta; decorative elments; methods of emplementation...
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    by Pratt, R. L.
    Published 1978
    ...The work described in this thesis comprises three parts: devising an original method capable...
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    by Elliott, Stephen John
    Published 1979
    ...This thesis examines the generation of musical sounds in brass wind-instruments. The acoustic...
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    by Watkinson, Peter Stuart
    Published 1981
    ... and its condition on the properties of brass instruments. Firstly, acoustic losses in tubes are studied. A...
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    ...A pyrometallurgical reduction process for the recovery of copper and zinc from brass secondary slag...
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    ... on the quality of AA5451 joint with brass foil interlayer. Three welding parameters were used; welding current...
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    by Goddard, Alex John
    Published 2013
    ...The recovery and visualisation of fingerprints on brass substrates by traditional methods...
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    by Deane, Anne Margaret
    Published 1986
    ...This work investigates brass instruments in the time domain, rather than the traditional frequency...
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