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  1. 221
    by Connell, E. J.
    Published 1975
    ... as cloth-finishing, dyeing and textile manufacture were concerned. The pottery industry was dead...
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  2. 222
    by Mbolekwa, Z.
    Published 2010
    ... and auxiliary chemicals. Reactive dye exhaustion to the fibre is about 80% i.e. 20% remains in the effluent...
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  3. 223
    by Ambika Gopakumar, Deepu
    Published 2017
    ... de l'environnement. === After agriculture, the textile dyeing and finishing industry has generated a...
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  4. 224
    by Perfeto, Marcelo Wigg
    Published 2013
    .... === The cellulase enzymes are being largely used substituting the chemicals agents in textile industry in bio...
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