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    by Elmarie Papageorgiou
    Published 2014-06-01
    Subjects: ...Accounting, education, first-year accounting student, information technology, practical knowledge...
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    by Pîrvuţ Valentin
    Published 2016-06-01
    Subjects: ...accounting management...
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    by Abu-Musa, Ahmad Abdel-Salam
    Published 2001
    Subjects: ...Management information systems : Managerial accounting : Banking and finance...
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    by Deacon, M. J.
    Published 1988
    Subjects: ...Computerised cost accountancy...
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    by Aydin, Nizamettin
    Published 1994
    ..., these are not suitable for monitoring grafts immediately after operation to detect early graft failures which account...
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    by Brooker, Phillip David
    Published 2013
    ... and ethnomethodological studies of work. The aim of this study is to explore how computerised research technologies...
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    by Tseng, Hsu-Min
    Published 1995
    ... presentation format alone therefore does not account for the non-equivalence result....
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    by Brombacher, Johannes Theodoor
    Published 2016
    ... substantially, the company could now account for every expense incurred and the opportunities for pilferage...
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    by Andrew Coulson, David Glasspool, John Fox, Jon Emery
    Published 2000-09-01
    ... features that distinguish it from similar software: (a) a user-centred design, which takes into account...
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    by Chung-Lei Huang, 黃鐘磊
    Published 2005
    ... to medication error. The statistics conducted on hospitals in Taiwan estimate that medication errors account...
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    by Rae, William Ian Duncombe
    Published 2015
    ... it. An interpolative method was developed for fast dose calculations taking this anisotropy into account....
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    by Bhullar, Harsangeet K.
    Published 1992
    ... takes into account the T wave slope. Manual, user-interactive and automatic measurements revealed...
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    ... universal availability of computerised prescribing support in the UK, errors continue. <strong>Objective...
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    ... or slow cognitive decline in this patient group. One such intervention is computerised cognitive training...
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