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    by Noha Soultan
    Published 2020-11-01
    Subjects: ...child drawings; remote areas; innate creativity...
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    by Harris, Susanna
    Published 2021
    Subjects: ...Fashion & textiles: design bicssc...
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    by Pedro Albornoz
    Published 2013-01-01
    Subjects: ...creative tension, looms, textile poetics, threads, woven cloth, hilos, poética textil, telares...
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    by Medeksaite, Egidija
    Published 2016
    ... approaches of mapping textile patterns into musical parameters, incorporating various compositional...
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    by Riley, Jillian Margaret
    Published 2009
    ...This ethnography explores textile-making as an occupational domain in the context of a Welsh guild...
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    by Rehab Hassaan
    Published 2021-09-01
    ... person in a confrontational or lateral situation, drawing the character from the point of view...
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    by Canavan, Claire
    Published 2017
    ..., with particular attention to its relationship with textual media and practices. Drawing together textual...
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    by Noha Radwan
    Published 2018-07-01
    ... rich artistic and technical resource to achieve a range of creative textile designs. The importance...
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    by Nashwa Nagy
    Published 2019-01-01
    ... society. Creativity in the design of textiles is a state of the mind of human innovation, which appears...
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    by Wheeler, Eileen Margaret
    Published 2009
    ... the close historical relationship with textiles that has featured in the lives of many women. By engaging...
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    by Deschênes, Janie
    Published 2021
    Subjects: ...Artisanat textile et culture populaire -- Québec (Province) -- Histoire....
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    Doctoral Thesis
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    by Asmaa Nabawy
    Published 2018-10-01
    ..., that is called Najd Doors. It is a master piece that draws attention because it assembles engraving and coloring...
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    ... in furniture ornamentation the traditional motifs, and could encourage the creativity of designers to develop...
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    by Mayada Elbelbesi, Ghada El Sayad, Rania Gaafer
    Published 2020-01-01
    Subjects: ...sedimentary rocks; wall hanging textiles; gobelin...
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