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    by Levent Kara
    Published 2016-01-01
    ... design since the 1980’s, the epistemic grounds of this practice and its pedagogical implications remain...
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    by Hagen, Ulf
    Published 2012
    .... The study focuses on the so called ideation part of videogame development, in which the design ideas...
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    by Ekströmer, Philip
    Published 2019
    ... studies exploring the use of CAD tools for design ideation have concluded that the tools available...
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    by Pei-Fen Wu, 吳佩芬
    Published 2010
    ... on Conceptual Map of design thinking; Third, generalizing and defining the element that influence the ideation...
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    by Yen-ling Yi, 易彥伶
    Published 2011
    ... concepts but facilitates internal design ideation for designers, is the most convenient and efficient tool...
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    by Tedjosaputro, Mia Ardiati
    Published 2018
    ... the view of designing as embodied experience. The scope of this PhD is the design ideation stage...
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    Subjects: ...System Design and Management Program....
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    by Li-ChiehChang, 張力介
    Published 2017
    ... in many areas to promote behavioral change design, is an ideation tools developed for generating more...
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    by Lacruz-Rengel, Rafael
    Published 2008
    ...The present research focuses on the way designers make sense of things while developing...
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    by Kuo, Shih-Ping
    Published 2018
    Subjects: ...Art education|Design|Educational technology...
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    by Barrett, R. L.
    Published 2004
    ... practise of Innovative Ideation. Industrial designers' participate in ideation processes and practices in a...
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