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    by Esther Turnhout
    Published 2018-01-01
    ...This essay offers a critical engagement with the ideal of policy relevant environmental knowledge...
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    by José A. Sotelo Navalpotro
    Published 2006-01-01
    ...». In this present paper we analyze the role that Environmental Politics can carrry out in the quest of solutions...
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  4. 4
    by Jennifer Andrew, Ian Robottom
    Published 1998-12-01
    ...Southern African Journal of Environmental Education...
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  5. 5
    by Davidson, Stewart
    Published 2007
    ...Anarchist ideas have dominated green political thought since the appearance of the environmental...
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  6. 6
    by Newlands, Maxine
    Published 2013
    ...This thesis explores the relationship between environmental activism, environmental politics...
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  8. 8
    by Hendrick, Margaret
    Published 2016
    Subjects: ...Environmental management...
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  9. 9
    by Anna Zimmer, Natasha Cornea
    Published 2016-10-01
    Subjects: ...environmental politics...
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  10. 10
    by Charlotte Burns, Neil Carter
    Published 2018-12-01
    Subjects: ...environmental governance...
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  11. 11
    by Featherstone, David John
    Published 2002
    ... contemporary and historical social/ political movements which have linked environmentalism and social...
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  13. 13
    by Tecklin, David R.
    Published 2014
    ... of aquaculture. The analysis draws on and integrates political ecology-oriented literature on environmental...
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  15. 15
    by Piotr Wacław Krajewski, Kamila Groszkowska
    Published 2018-04-01
    Subjects: ...environmental migrants...
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  16. 16
    by Katsaris, Angelos
    Published 2012
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  18. 18
    by Leahy, Terry
    Published 2021
    Subjects: ...Environmental policy & protocols bicssc...
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    by 魯宛憶
    Published 2019
    ... groups provide political contributions to influence trade policy and environmental policy in their favor...
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    ... within the scope of environmental politics and find strong influences among states and treaties...
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