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    by Imam Sujoko
    Published 2017-12-01
    ...<p>This  study  entitled:HujjiyahNazariyahSaddiaz-Żarāiʻfī  al-Fiqh  al-IslāmywatatbīquhāfīQadāyāal...
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    by Arie Syantoso
    Published 2018-03-01
    ... of this research is to know about at-takmin at-ta’awunity (insurance) concept in Islamic fnancial fqh and examine...
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    by Sarpini Sarpini
    Published 2019-06-01
    ..., this insurance includes the issue of ijtihadiyah, it means that to determine the law of insurance whether halal...
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    by Ahmad Muqorobin
    Published 2016-04-01
    ... for cash in the concept of this transaction has a consequence that installment price is higher than...
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    by Dodik Siswantoro
    Published 2012-08-01
    ... industry can be formulated. This concept is different with other indexes which are corresponding...
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