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    by . Suhartono, Ahmad Sulaeman, Budi Setiawan
    Published 2012-03-01
    ... Law No. 7 1996 defined food security as a condition in which the fulfillment of food for the household...
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    by Pinheiro, Rodrigo Rollin
    Published 2015
    ... and public bathrooms. Greater attention on contamination and infection risk caused by contaminated food...
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    by Bardsley, Cameron Anders
    Published 2021
    .... Plants were surface sanitized and enumerated for Salmonella internalization by plant section. Strains...
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    by Pereira, Bruna Rodrigues
    Published 2017
    ... Globe grapes were in the standard established by law for human consumption === O presente trabalho...
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    ..., modernize and sanitize the city. The institution now presented will be visualized taking into consideration...
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    by SILVA, Thaysa dos Santos
    Published 2014
    ... === Milk is considered one of the nutritionally complete foods, consumers and inspection organizations...
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    by Sislene de Matos Reis
    Published 2011
    ... production and pH decrease. Two formulations of lacteal drink were processed in the Laboratory of Food...
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    by Nghengwa Ache, Patience
    Published 2019
    ... countries. These are pertinent environmental crises of sustainability and sanitation in Sub-Saharan Africa...
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    Doctoral Thesis
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    by SILVA, Jos? Antonio Batista da
    Published 2016
    ... allowing greater dispersion of eggs; Calliphoridae species had a higher rate survival with increased food...
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