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    by A.A. Olaoye
    Published 2020-09-01
    Subjects: ...forensic accounting...
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    by DiGabriele, James A.
    Published 2009
    ...This composition presents a digest of research that investigates aspects of forensic accounting...
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    by Tatiana Vasil’evna Pashchenko
    Published 2018-09-01
    ...A well-known set of analytical methods that are used to make forensic accounting related...
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    by CHANG, WEN-YUAN, 張文源
    Published 2016
    ..., the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) of our public sectors had been improved for 7 places from 2008 to 2011...
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    by Raúl Jiménez, Manuel Hidalgo
    Published 2014-01-01
    ... these election forensic tools are examined taking into account the substantive context of the elections...
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    by Aguiar, Melicia Holanda
    Published 2015
    ... and occupational categories. The public security sector stands out as one of the strategic pillars...
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    Published 2016-12-01
    Subjects: ...orensic accounting...
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    by Chen,Fang-Cheng, 陳芳振
    Published 2014
    ... assigned a private agency to perform a survey on public satisfaction of Installation of security focused...
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    by Tom Keatinge
    Published 2015-07-01
    ... of partnership and information sharing between the public and private sectors is dramatically hindering...
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    by Ajay Kumar, Dasari Harish, Amandeep Singh
    Published 2014-08-01
    ... bodies is a test of ability of the forensic expert and on many occasions it yields little or no results...
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    by LU,YA-YU, 呂雅裕
    Published 2019
    ... laundering prevention and forensics Accounting, money laundering prevention and tax crimes. In the risk basis...
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    by Patrick Menezes Lourenço
    Published 2013
    .... 2013. 98 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Saúde, Medicina Laboratorial e Tecnologia Forense) - Instituto de...
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