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    by McGrath, Roberta
    Published 2003
    ... and outside the discursive field of photography. This work examines and develops arguments that are always...
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    by Helen Ennis
    Published 2011-06-01
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    by Gudiene, Vilma
    Published 2005-01-01
    Subjects: ...Museum of History of Medicine and Pharmacy in Lithuania;Lietuvas Medicīnas vēstures un farmācijas...
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    by Kai Ziegner
    Published 2020-10-01
    ...The material presented here in the form of excerpts was taken from the book “A History of Violence...
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    by Delmas, Didier
    Published 2005
    Subjects: ...Photography -- History....
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    by Charlotte Carter
    Published 2015-05-01
    Subjects: ...Archaeological Photography...
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    by Huang Chien-Hua, 黃建樺
    Published 2016
    ... system involving digital vocabulary, the aesthetics of photography, and the perspective of art history...
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    by Evren Sertalp
    Published 2016-06-01
    ..., various techniques were developed; however, the oldest technique which is still used today is the use...
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  13. 13
    by Orhan Murat ÇOLAK
    Published 2018-12-01
    Subjects: ...history of photography...
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  15. 15
    by Juliana de Oliveira Teixeira
    Published 2014-07-01
    ... history. The method, developed by the group Communication and History of Universidade Estadual de Londrina...
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    by Purcar, Cristina
    Published 2019
    Subjects: ...History of architecture bicssc...
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    by Perrotta, Marta
    Published 2020-08-01
    ...VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture...
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    by Aristeu Elisandro Machado Lopes
    Published 2019-12-01
    ... the exploitation of slave labor, the proposal will also develop, addressing questions about the presence...
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    by Rowena Scott
    Published 2014-01-01
    Subjects: ...landscape photography...
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