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    by Cao-Chang Liu, 劉國慶
    Published 2002
    ... for interior designers, for the industry and its expertise are highly specialized. It is expected to have...
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    by De los Reyes, Adrian
    Published 2006
    ... every aspect of their daily business. Computer-aided drafting, analysis, and design software...
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    by Ting-Kuo Huang, 黃定國
    Published 1999
    ..., bioreactor is the most important part for industrialization of biotechnology. Bioreactor with better liquid...
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    by KUANG-JUNG LI, 黎光榮
    Published 2004
    ... industries, using computer-aided design (CAD) software as an aiding tool to its drafting tasks is very common...
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    by West, Stephanie
    Published 2016
    Subjects: ...Fashion design...
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    ...The present paper describes the designing of a thermally and economically optimum mechanical draft...
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    by Hui-Yu Chu, 朱惠玉
    Published 2009
    ... drafting system to drive multi-page and multi-layer such that automatic drawing work can be carried out...
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    by Chun-fan Chen, 陳君帆
    Published 2009
    ... of "Industrial designers’ competence test of recognition of drafts and drawing " shows that the differences...
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    ... on the design conditions of all plant components. Induced draft fans handle high temperature flyash-laden flue...
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    by Suther, George Neil.
    Published 2012
    ... the principle players in the construction industry to determine their perception of what constitutes a design...
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    by Chien-WeiChen, 陳建維
    Published 2013
    ... in every occupation. For the designers, creativity management is a crucial ability. From the industrial...
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    by Tzyy-wei Tzeng, 曾子威
    Published 2011
    ... draft of industrial design according to the results of textbooks analysis. The Result shows...
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