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    by Mohammad Syahidul Haq
    Published 2017-05-01
    .... To realize quality of learning, information technology is one aspect of classroom management. Many strategies...
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    by Daniel Perez, Matthias Dressler
    Published 2007-07-01
    Subjects: ...information and communication technology...
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    ... information technology and from transaction processes. Based on transaction management...
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    by Huan-Chi Chang, 張煥旗
    Published 2007
    ... library (ITIL) and proposed the information technology service management (ITSM) system being suitable...
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    by Burlingame, Stanley G.
    Published 2013
    ... organizations have experienced increased IT management requirements. The paper examines how Internet technology...
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    by Swanepoel, Marinus
    Published 2012
    Subjects: ...Information technology - Research - South Africa....
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    by LIN, CHING-CHUNG, 林慶宗
    Published 2017
    ...: logistics management, information technology, information technology, lead time management ERP system ...
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    by Vjacheslav A. Kozlov, Larisa A. Danchenok
    Published 2016-08-01
    Subjects: ...investment project management...
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    by Yuliana Lisanti
    Published 2011-06-01
    ...Investment Information Technology (IT) has always been a primary objective of the business which...
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    by Burlakov O. S.
    Published 2019-05-01
    Subjects: ...information systems of staff management...
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    by Chien-Ho Ko
    Published 2017-01-01
    Subjects: ...Technology in Engineering and Project Management...
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    by Kuan, Chan Hong
    Published 1996
    Subjects: ...Marketing & Strategic Management -- Department of Management and Marketing...
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    by B. Steen-Nielssen
    Published 1983-09-01
    ...Since World War II there has been an exponential increase in the amount of information of every...
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    by Shu-Chi Yu, 余書琪
    Published 2011
    ... countries, the development and practical application of this technology has become a priority investment...
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