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    by Marino CALOGERO
    Published 2010-06-01
    ... Public Management (NPM) guidelines, introduced private principles and instruments in the public field...
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    by Chung, Yu-Ming, 鍾昱玟
    Published 2014
    ... the expense of personnel management and marketing, eliminate the limit of time and space, and increase...
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    by Connor, Ian
    Published 2010
    ... for the introduction of public sector performance management, and interviews with the key decision makers, to establish...
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    by Yang Lan Yao, 楊蘭堯
    Published 2007
    ... the quality of decision-making and upgrade national competitiveness. The impetus for knowledge management...
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    by Cook, Martin
    Published 2001
    ... in the public sector. The research explores the theoretical and political basis for the introduction of PIs...
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    by Pedro, Beverley-Anne
    Published 2010
    Subjects: ...Public-private sector cooperation -- South Africa -- Western Cape...
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    by Juta Tikk
    Published 2010-03-01
    .... Secondly, reform of public sector financial accounting can improve the quality and the quantity of services...
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    by Shu-Hui Huang, 黃淑惠
    Published 2019
    ... in the social environment and the prevalence of the new public management theory over the years dictated...
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    by Kiseleva Ekaterina Alexandrovna
    Published 2012-10-01
    ... for the improvement of the power efficiency of the housing and public utilities sector to be implemented by regional...
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    by Nicholls, Peter Leonard
    Published 2006
    ... for these policies appear hollow. If this public sector broadcaster as an agency of the central state is to survive...
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    by Scagliusi, Cosimo
    Published 2010
    Subjects: ...Mass Media : Political Economy : Public Sector Governance : Corruption : Voice and Supervising...
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    by González Luz, Nigenda Gustavo H
    Published 2009-10-01
    ...<p>Abstract</p> <p>Introduction</p> <p>Contracting out health services is a strategy that many...
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