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    by Al-Fadhli, Mansour
    Published 1998
    ... has two types of financial institutions Islamic and conventional, both of which exist side by side...
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    by Zul Kepli, Mohd Yazid Bin.
    Published 2013
    Subjects: ...Finance (Islamic law) - Southeast Asia....
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    by Morapi, Lesetja
    Published 2015
    Subjects: ...Financial services industry - State supervision - South Africa...
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    by Spencer J. Coopchik
    Published 2015-06-01
    Subjects: ...legalism...
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    ... and main national supervision frameworks in selected Muslim countries, namely, the Kingdom of Bahrain...
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    by Hasan, Zulkifli Bin
    Published 2011
    ...Sharīʿah governance is peculiarly exclusive and unique to Islamic systems of financial management...
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    by Abdullah, Nurdianawati I.
    Published 2005
    ... the Islamic hire-purchase operation and its regulatory framework in Malaysia. Thorough examination...
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    by Marar, Amr Daoud
    Published 2007
    ... by Saudi Arabia involve both enhancements and modifications to the basic Islamic law framework required...
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    by Naffa, Mohammad
    Published 2017
    ... regime used by IFIs ranges from employing soft law to a legal framework that requires global cooperative...
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    by John Bishara, 郭江龍
    Published 2009
    ... no doubt shaken the confidence of depositors around the world. This presents Islamic financial institutions...
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    by Mutungi Muhairwe, Simon
    Published 2018
    ... to develop an effective legal and regulatory framework for Islamic financial industry in Uganda. Attempts...
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    by Hanafi, Hanira Binti
    Published 2012
    ... finding revealed that besides several legal issues such as inadequate of legal framework, treatment...
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    by Ahmad Shabnani, Ali Adel Rastkhiz
    Published 2012-10-01
    ... difference between the two due to the existence of a legal system called Islamic contracts, it is necessary...
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