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    by Muhibb Ussabry
    Published 2020-04-01
    Subjects: ...woman uniqueness, islamic hereditary law, rad concept, gender bias...
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    by Mansoor Al-A'ali
    Published 2007-10-01
    Subjects: ...Islamic Law...
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    by Mohamad Ismail Bin Mohamad Yunus
    Published 2019-04-01
    ...The Position and Application of Islamic Legal Maxims (Qawaaid Al-Fiqhiyyah) in the Law of Evidence...
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    by Ahdash, Mohamed Ali
    Published 2008
    ..." (Islamic Law), with reference to various schools of "figh" (Islamic Jurisprudence). By following...
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    by Hafiz Khalid Rashid, Abdul Ghaffar
    Published 2019-12-01
    ...Pakistan Journal of Islamic Research...
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    by Laldin, Mohamad Akram
    Published 1995
    .... The introductory notes deals with some aspect of the origins of Islamic law which covers <I>Shari'ah </I>and <I...
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    by Ahmet Çetinkaya
    Published 2015-06-01
    Subjects: ...Law of adjudication...
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    ... it is direct. The idea of testimony is not new but extends in its origins to the Islamic law as it was one...
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    by Noor, Azman Bin Mohd
    Published 2007
    ...This research attempts to investigate rape as a crime according to Islamic criminal law. There have...
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    by Ruslan, Md Khalil
    Published 2000
    ... to the Islamic legal category of commercial transactions. Therefore, this study begins by considering the law...
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    by Senad Ćeman, Mario Jašić
    Published 2020-01-01
    ... the case law of the European Court of Human Rights (The Court), particularly the cases Dahlab, Lautsi...
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    by Fajri Matahati Muhammadin
    Published 2016-08-01
    Subjects: ...International Humanitarian Law, ISIS, Islamic Law, war captives...
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    by Shadin Qatirjy
    Published 2010-04-01
    Subjects: ...islamic law...
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