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    by Zayde Antrim
    Published 2017-11-01
    ... of researchers came together for the first international conference on spatial thought in Islamicate societies...
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    by Zuly Qodir
    Published 2014-06-01
    ... in the context of Islam in Indonesia. There are internal and external problems that affect religious...
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    by Farninda Aditya
    Published 2014-12-01
    ...Book Review: Erwin Mahrus and Syamsul Kurniawan, Trace of Islamic Educational Thought, Pontianak...
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    by Riza Fahmi
    Published 2016-06-01
    ...) Islam à la Soekarno, Traces of Indonesian Liberal Islamic Thought and so forth....
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    by Eka Hendry Ar, Reviewed by: Suhardiman
    Published 2013-12-01
    ...For more than 14 centuries, history has proved that Islamic teachings come with a variety...
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    by Elkaisy-Friemuth, Maha
    Published 2006
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    Subjects: ...Islamic revolution; Cultural Convergence; Imam Khomeini; the Unity; World ideals...
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  11. 11
    by Robby Habiba Abror
    Published 2020-07-01
    Subjects: ...islamic philosophy...
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    by Ebrahim Barzeghar
    Published 2011-02-01
    Subjects: ...islamic political thought...
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  13. 13
    by Samedin Kadić
    Published 2020-06-01
    ...The problem of seclusion in the classical Islamic thought is simultaneously religious, ethical...
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  15. 15
    by Ibrahim Jawad Kadhim
    Published 2018-06-01
    ... by the absorption of several aspects to grow While ,for the thought of deconstruction, the most important part...
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  17. 17
    by Muhammad Ihsan
    Published 2006-06-01
    ... memberikan sumbangan pemikiran tentang Islam di Indonesia. Walaupun pemikiran-pemikirannya tentang Islam...
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    Subjects: ...Islamic Thought...
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  19. 19
    by Reza Ahmad Zahid
    Published 2019-02-01
    ...This article aims to answer how Islamic thought deals with issues of internationalization. Where...
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