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    by Li, Miao
    Published 2012
    Subjects: ...K Law (General)...
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    by Khurram, Rubina
    Published 2005
    ... or recovery under the law of marine insurance which serves as the common link. A comparative analysis...
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    by Jou Kang, 康柔
    Published 2014
    ... analyze the regulation of marine insurance of each country. The conclusion of this study generalized...
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    by Tsung-yu Kao, 高宗裕
    Published 2010
    ... with the international insurance law as well as the World Trade Organization general rule, should have the strong...
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    by Zhang, Jinlei
    Published 2008
    ..., the formation of a contract of marine insurance is governed by the ordinary principles of contract law...
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    by 張佩瑜
    Published 2002
    ... the contract of marine cargo insurance and general principles of marine insurance. And then, it introduces...
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    by Jui-Jung Lo, 羅瑞榮
    Published 2004
    ...﹐especially﹐after the Governmment Procurement Law was promulgated on May 27﹐1999﹒The project delivery system...
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