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    by Mosskull, Henrik
    Published 2003
    ... terminals of the drive and theinverter. In connection with efficient torque control of themotors...
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    ... of their operation. A principal  scheme of a self-propelled machine hydro-drive ensuring non-stage regulation...
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    by Zhilevski Marin, Mikhov Mikho
    Published 2019-01-01
    ... machines with digital program control. On this basis, a methodology for choice of the spindle drives...
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    by Chih-Ping Lee, 李智平
    Published 2007
    ... way, head for automation production a cam switch a product, and develop the automation screw machine...
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    by Lemeshko Mikhail, Molev Mikhail, Golovin Igor
    Published 2018-01-01
    ...In a large group of technological machines, drive provides two interlocking working movements...
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    by Al-Khoury, Fadi
    Published 2017
    ...Machine Learning, and in particular Deep Learning, are extremely capable tools for solving problems...
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    by Yow-Jing Jeng, 鄭又菁
    Published 2013
    ... and generator (BSG), which is based on induction machine, to reach the key functions of cranking, power boosting...
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    by A. J. Kotlobai, A. A. Kotlobai, D. V. Marov
    Published 2005-04-01
    ... hydraulic drives used in running gear and technological equipment of mobile construction, road...
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    by V. V. Pinchuk
    Published 2004-04-01
    ...The paper contains analytical data of drive hydraulic schemes which have been prepared by Main...
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    by Dimitar Spirov, Svilen Rachev
    Published 2005-10-01
    ...The dynamic behaviour of the fan blower synchoronous machine drive have been studied in the paper...
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    by Chia-Hsien Lu, 盧嘉賢
    Published 2009
    .... This thesis proposes a automatic driving system based on machine vision. We use image recognition system based...
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