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    by Lokman Abd Wahid
    Published 2015-12-01
    ... parameter, particularly in Malay.  The pragmatic structure assumes that a speaker innately has a choice...
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    by Halim, N.S, Maros, M.
    Published 2018
    Subjects: ...Contrastive pragmatics...
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    by Eli Rustinar, Cece Sobarna, Cece Sobarna
    Published 2020-04-01
    Subjects: ...bengkulu malay language...
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    by Tom Gunner Hoogervorst
    Published 2018-10-01
    Subjects: ...klang valley malay...
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    by Zaki Faddad Syarif Zain, Anisatul Mardiah
    Published 2019-07-01
    Subjects: ...Chinese, Malay, Conflict, Integration, Palembang...
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    by Jyh Wee Sew
    Published 2017-12-01
    ... that Malay poems, as a resource, are beneficial to foreign language pedagogy. The teaching focus...
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    by Suet-Ching, Soon, 孫雪芹
    Published 2010
    ... Leval for Malay-Native Learners Abstract Keywords : Oral Curriculum Design for Malay Speakers, Novice...
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    by Wenny Rusbiyantoro
    Published 2011-04-01
    ...<p>Kutai Malay language is the language that is widely used to communicate in East Kalimantan...
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    by Nair-Venugopal, Shanta
    Published 1997
    ... the broader contextual backdrop of English as the traditional normative code of Malaysian business, and Malay...
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    by Marican, Y. Mansoor
    Published 2010
    .... The PAS wanted the restoration of Malay sovereignty which involved the elevation of the Malay "community...
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    by Salae, Hafiz
    Published 2017
    ... into Thailand’s dual context of a Buddhist majority centralised state and the Malay Muslim minority. The two...
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    by Kotze, Ernst Frederick
    Published 2013
    ...The Malay community of Cape Town, nubering -127 000, constitutes a relatively homogeneous language...
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