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    by Motley, A. J.
    Published 1981
    Subjects: ...Information theory & coding theory...
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    by Abegaze, A.
    Published 1987
    Subjects: ...Information theory & coding theory...
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    by Te-Ming Chen, 陳德明
    Published 2004
    ...)coming from the voice service of mobile communication is gradually declining, and the whole market...
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    by Rettie, Ruth
    Published 2006
    ..., and this is relevant to choice and usage. The study focuses on mobile phones, because they combine two communication...
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    by Johansson, Mathias
    Published 2004
    Subjects: ...probability theory as logic...
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    Doctoral Thesis
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    by ZENG, JUN-KAI, 曾駿凱
    Published 2016
    .... With the popularity of smart mobile devices, many applications for smoking cessation have been proposed and developed...
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    by Wright, Martin
    Published 2005
    ... and focus groups. It is suggested that some evidence was found to support the theory of participative...
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    by Soh, Pea Ling
    Published 2012
    Subjects: ...LB Theory and practice of education...
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    by Cheng-Hsun Hsieh, 謝政勳
    Published 2004
    ... which use the cell-phone to the traditional voice communication. On the 3G mobile communication service...
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    by Robinson, Vanessa M.
    Published 2007
    ... that these campaigns have been effective. This study developed a grounded theory for increasing political participation...
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    ... environment", "learning environment", "mobile learning environment", "mobile substantive learning environment...
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    by Ding-Hao Wang, 王鼎皓
    Published 2009
    ... and the prevailing of motion communication, the mobile phone has become more necessary in our daily life. According...
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