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    by Wang Chih Ming, 王志名
    Published 2002
    ... an object-oriented gating design system for die-casting moulds, on which the principium of object-oriented...
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    by Lau, Charles Yu-Kit
    Published 2010
    ... of dies and moulds. Cavity dies consist of bounding surfaces that are either analytical or non-analytical...
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    by Chen, Changrong
    Published 2016
    ...The conventional life cycle of dies and moulds is not eco-efficient, which shows great potential...
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    by Zhixin Gu, Xufeng Zhang, Kaihong Xu
    Published 2015-11-01
    Subjects: ...Die hole...
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    by Chen-Yu Hung, 洪振又
    Published 2010
    ... analysis software DEFORM-3D and the Taguchi experimental design method to simulate the three-dimensional...
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    by Truong, Tuan Giac
    Published 2013
    ...In designing a die for moulding plastic products, a great proportion of the work is very tedious...
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    by Cheng-Fu Chen, 陳正富
    Published 2010
    ... in the mould design. The main reason is that the design flow is not standardized and systematized, so...
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    by 張善旺
    Published 2004
    ... modules. One is the mould product design change system, the other is the die components design change...
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    by Da-Kun Wang, 王大堃
    Published 2011
    ... literature reviews, but die face design on the full mould is less consideration, such as trimming, restriking...
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    by Visser, Christo Riaan
    Published 2012
    ...) that was designed and engineered to overcome the weaknesses of ordinary concrete. It shows a high ductility...
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