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    ... ABSTRACT: Occupational health is the study of effect of work and the working environment...
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    by Yen-Lun Shen, 沈延倫
    Published 2014
    ... and precautions; 4, the progress of banking industry in occupational safety and health issues shall not be reduced...
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    by Hussin, Norasikin
    Published 2010
    Subjects: ...HD Industries. Land use. Labor...
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    by Ratiu Mariana, Suteu Corina, Oarga Ioan-Florin
    Published 2018-01-01
    ... and training on the occupational safety and health in the offshore industry. This study was conducted within a...
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    by Walker, David
    Published 2007
    ... and is concerned with issues of occupational health and safety in the British chemical industry between the First...
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    by J. Mojapelo, C. Mafini, M. Dhurup
    Published 2016-07-01
    ...The inability to follow occupational health and safety standards typically resultsin...
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    by Bågfeldt, Ted
    Published 2021
    Subjects: ...Occupational Health and Safety...
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    by M. Hosseini, M. Atashak
    Published 2014-03-01
    Subjects: ...identify and rank the goals of occupational safety and health education in industries...
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    Subjects: ...Construction industry; OHS; enforcement; challenges; Ghana....
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    by Ismael Cruz, Raul Huerta-Mercado
    Published 2015-12-01
    Subjects: ...occupational health...
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    by Rudolphi, Josie M.
    Published 2017
    Subjects: ...Occupational Safety & Health...
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    by Hsiu-Feng Huang, 黃秀鳳
    Published 2009
    ...碩士 === 東南科技大學 === 防災科技研究所 === 97 === The occupational accident number from construction industry...
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    by HUANG,CHENG-HAN, 黃正瀚
    Published 2016
    ... the occurrence of occupational accidents, enterprises shall implement the safety and health education...
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