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    by Peacock, Darren.
    Published 2007
    Subjects: ...Molecular electronics -- Mathematical models....
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    by Tahirova, Narmin Tahir
    Published 2019
    ... bioisosteres is applied to the OR repertoire using aliphatic and aromatic aldehydes. It appears...
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    by Smith, Maile Elizabeth
    Published 1985
    ...<p>We have developed a method based upon the Schwinger Variational Principle to study molecular...
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    by Su, Wenyong
    Published 2006
    ...Molecular electronics is an active research area for the future information technology...
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    by Shi, Qing
    Published 2014
    Subjects: ...Engineering - Electronics and Electrical...
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    ... of this thesis is to consider how fundamental engineering principles might best be applied to the design...
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    by Olena Yu. Balalaieva
    Published 2015-04-01
    ... in the modern pedagogical literature. The author has analyzed which of these principles could be applied...
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    by Zhang, Wenhua
    Published 2009
    ... that are important for surface chemistry and catalysis. Based on first principles calculations, the adsorption ofCO...
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    Doctoral Thesis
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    by A. Burov, S. Nagaitsev, A. Shemyakin, Ya. Derbenev
    Published 2000-09-01
    ...In conventional low energy electron coolers, the electron beam is immersed in a continuous solenoid...
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    by Chuo, Kwei Bine, 卓魁彬
    Published 1997
    ... electronic control systemsimplifies the whole operation. This machine can get2000...
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    by Russo, David A.
    Published 2016
    ... principles of microalgal ecophysiology in the transition from laboratory to commercial-scale cultivation....
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    by Mon-che Tsai, 蔡孟哲
    Published 2013
    ... in this dissertation: (I) Computational high-throughput method to screen non-carbon support applied in methanol...
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    by Mata-Garcia, Cesar R.
    Published 2012
    ... on International Trade Law (UNCINTRAL) impedes or prevents investment arbitrators from applying some principles...
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