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    by Tantri Hidayati Sinaga, Eka Rahayu
    Published 2018-10-01
    ...<p><em>Instrument of lecturing is an important component in teaching and learning process...
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    by Ucok Mulyo Sugeng
    Published 2015-02-01
    ... of the instruments to be used in the system  of  Quality Control is a test equipment. VDI 2221 design method is used...
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    by Fiegenwald, Valérie
    Published 2012
    ...Ce travail de thèse propose une approche pluridisciplinaire de la qualité dans les systèmes de...
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    by Niluh Ringga Woroprobosari
    Published 2016-07-01
    ... of the principle of ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) as well as good protection, including instrument...
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    by Samsoeri Tirtosastro, Nanan Nurdjanah
    Published 2017-05-01
    ...Buletin Penelitian Tanaman Rempah dan Obat...
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    by Malm, Brice
    Published 2018
    ... baisse des dotations de l’Etat vers les collectivités locales. Dans ce contexte, les achats publics...
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    by Aflich Yusnita Fitrianna, Chandra Novtiar
    Published 2020-06-01
    ... pembelajaran worksheet berbantuan Maple dan menganalisis kategori SRL mahasiswa setelah pembelajaran...
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    ...Background: Most clinical students still have difficulties in clinical reasoning process. Previous...
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    by Vicki Dian Prastiwi, Parno Parno, Hari Wisodo
    Published 2018-04-01
    ... of the Physics learning process. One of the importance of understanding the concept and scientific reasoning...
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    Subjects: ...Modelling, Euler Lagrange, Quadcopter, PID, Control...
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    by Ayudiasari Anggriani, Ari Septian
    Published 2019-08-01
    ... pretest-posttest control group design research. This research involved a sample of 64 students divided...
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    by Varetta, Floriane
    Published 2017
    ... rapports sociaux de sexe dans les sociétés contemporaines. L’institution sportive, d’abord créée par des...
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    by Aries Wicaksono
    Published 2012-05-01
    ..., the effectiveness and efficiency in the sales process, accounts receivable, and cash receipts become very important...
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    by I Gede Agus Krisna Warmayana
    Published 2018-08-01
    ... and quality control instrumentation which resulted on an optimal and fast service processes, easy coordination...
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