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    by Thomas, Chacko
    Published 2002
    ... of the new curriculum. In the first research project I look into the preparedness of the Mathematics...
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    by Adusei-Owusu, James
    Published 2001
    ...RESEARCH PROJECTS: 1 RESEARCH PROJECT ONE: A literature review: Constructivism: An alternate...
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    by Cárdenas Beltrán Melba Libia
    Published 2000-08-01
    ...The research reports corresponding to the titles we list in the following pages can be consulted...
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    by Schudel, Ingrid Joan
    Published 2000
    ...This collection of research projects tells a story of the time I have spent with members...
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    by Jacoby, Gordon C.
    Published 1973
    ...: Dartmouth College. The project is now concluding its first year of full-scale research effort. The UCLA...
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    ... be conceptualised and implemented in research projects in a way that allows it to reach its objectives. To attain...
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    by Kisielnicki Jerzy
    Published 2014-12-01
    Subjects: ...the system of communication in the project...
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    by Miguel Navascués, Costantino Budroni
    Published 2019-01-01
    ...We propose a funding scheme for theoretical research that does not rely on project proposals...
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    by Chris J. Brown
    Published 1999-09-01
    ... organization in South Africa, to determine how closer conformance can be achieved of research projects...
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    by Raúl Barrantes
    Published 2004-02-01
    ... of the teachers are called pedagogic projects. This concept is analysed and explained in detail. This article...
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    by Katarzyna Lisek
    Published 2018-09-01
    Subjects: ...research process...
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