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    by Altman, Iben Lysdal
    Published 2017
    ... included hospital pharmacists. This study engaged with the theories from the sociology of the professions...
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    by Gerrett, David
    Published 1995
    ...This thesis describes the historical and functional evolution of British community pharmacists...
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    by Vassiliki Tsiantou, Polina Pantzou, Elpida Pavi, et al
    Published 2010-08-01
    ...Department of Health Economics, National School of Public Health, Athens, Greece; 2Department of Sociology...
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    by Baedi Mulyanto
    Published 2019-06-01
    ... of the factors of negligence of pharmacist task in community healt centre.</em></p><p><em>This research aimed...
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    by Chia-Ching Hsu, 徐佳青
    Published 2002
    .... This research project employed a variety of qualitative research methods. Data sources include analysis...
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    by Ali Syahbanaa, Dwi Wahyuni, Elfian Zulkarnain
    Published 2019-12-01
    ... in this type of research is a qualitative research case study approach to the method of collecting purposive...
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