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    by Anatolii Perelmuter
    Published 2019-03-01
    Subjects: design, thermal properties, critical temperature, secondary effects...
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    by Marta Kurejková, František Wald
    Published 2017-06-01
    Subjects: ...structural steel joint...
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    by Janney, Sarah Beth
    Published 2007
    .... The cubicle closest to the blast was likely close to its limit. Thus the structural design of the blast...
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    by Gosaye Fida Kaba, Jonathan
    Published 2015
    ...The behaviour and design of prestressed steel structures, with an emphasis on trussed arches...
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    ...Engineering Structures and Technologies...
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    ... successful connection design as one of the most important factors in making a building, particularly a steel...
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    by Kucukler, Merih
    Published 2015
    ... stiffness reduction approach for structural steel design is presented. The proposed method is carried out...
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    by Libin Wang, Hui Jin, Haiwei Dong, Jing Li
    Published 2013-01-01
    ...Cast steel nodes are being increasingly popular in steel structure joint application...
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    by Zhaona Chi
    Published 2021-01-01
    ...The composite of multi-layer steel structure module and steel frame, as an important design form...
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    by Byfield, Michael Patrick
    Published 1996
    Subjects: ...TA 630 Structural engineering (General)...
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    by Ching-Fang Hsu, 徐清芳
    Published 2018
    ...-checking to finish the design of steel structure buildings. And the design will be confirmed after making...
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    by Chun-Yu Chen 陳俊佑, 陳俊佑
    Published 2013
    ...碩士 === 國立臺北科技大學 === 土木與防災研究所 === 101 === Traditional structural steel design is probably completed...
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    by G. P.J. de Vos, B. W.J. van Rensburg
    Published 2001-09-01
    ... to reduce costs of lightweight steel structures. Most of these comprise premanufactured components which...
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