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    by Beach, Joni Leigh
    Published 2014
    ... that the apparel textile designers' process included the steps of acceptance, analysis, definition, ideation, idea...
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    by Marina Castán, Daniel Suárez
    Published 2018-10-01
    ...), this research proposes a hybrid method to explore a textile-body ontology as an entity that has the potential...
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    by Winnberg, Anton
    Published 2019
    ... for the rest of the project, which further shifted towards more practical activities. Such as ideation...
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    by Lakanen, Mariia
    Published 2016
    ... of ideational, interpersonal and textual, and the purpose is to increase the knowledge of how window displays...
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    by Alveus, Wilma
    Published 2018
    ... economical capital. Conceptions are closely related to class identities. The participants do not ideate...
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