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    by PAO-LIEN LIN, 林寶蓮
    Published 2014
    ..., the experiments shows sample numbering NE-02634 is the best cost benefit for development on market scale, which...
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    by Asfandyar, S. (Safia)
    Published 2018
    .... The study looks at the textile industry which is extensively export-aligned, cost-sensitive and labor...
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    by Ntshoko, Zintle
    Published 2020
    .... Pineapple peels were collected from a communal residential villa and local vegetable retail outlet. Samples...
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    ... that are locally available can have economic and environmental benefits for textile wastewater treatment...
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    by Hardy, Verity-Gay
    Published 2008
    ... textile system, it acts as a guide for sensor development and may help circumvent costly and timely sample...
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    by Chien-Ting Kuo, 郭建廷
    Published 2002
    ...碩士 === 國立成功大學 === 高階管理碩士在職專班 === 90 === Textile industry was the first industry moving out from...
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    by Shih-Cheng Hsin, 辛石城
    Published 2013
    ... Taiwan’s declining textile industry as a sample, implements the Fuzzy Delphi Method (FDM) and the Fuzzy...
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    by Jana, P.
    Published 2010
    ... were of great concern. However Indian apparel manufacturers were found to be more cost conscious...
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    by Lin, Shyh-Chin, 林世磬
    Published 2003
    ... of this research thesis. This study uses the data of fifty domestic public textile companies as samples...
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    by Lin,Chia-Hua, 林佳樺
    Published 2016
    ... Ming Silk Mill Co., Ltd. and Eclat Textile Co., Ltd. as samples to explore. This study utilized...
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    by Robb, Michael Stuart Alexander
    Published 2009
    ...Virtual textile databases provide a cost-efficient alternative to the use of existing hardcover...
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