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    ... that compose it with intention to establish the visual communication with the viewer....
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    by McKinney, Joslin
    Published 2008
    ... the nature of communication between scenography and audience. Structured using iterative cycles of action...
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    by Inštitorisová Dagmar
    Published 2017-03-01
    ... Ciller’s Shakespearean scenographies. Based on an analysis of preserved archival material (scenographic...
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    by Waad A. Mahmoud
    Published 2016-03-01
    ... as the paper dealt with the scenography and visual display space between the museum and methods of Panorama...
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    by Alceu Paulo Silva Neto, Priscila Arantes
    Published 2020-11-01
    ... and Sound - MIS-SP, in 2017, in the city of São Paulo.The exhibition featured the design of scenography...
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    by Levickaitė, Dovilė
    Published 2013
    Subjects: ...Scenography...
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    by Bertling Wiik, Siri
    Published 2021
    Subjects: ...scenography...
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    by Vilko Žiljak, Ivan Rajković
    Published 2018-01-01
    ...This paper presents parallel film recording of sunlight reflection from the same matter, in visual...
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    by Sébastien Appiotti
    Published 2019-04-01
    Subjects: ...communications strategies...
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    by Iztok Hrga
    Published 2019-06-01
    ...-made for any purpose. Power-supply solutions are smarter and wireless technologies allow communication...
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    by Hugo Edgar Pinho Mesquita
    Published 2019
    ... certain musical and visual elements on stage in order to analyse and study approaches for DMI development...
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    by Primož Vitez
    Published 2011-07-01
    ... and receivers of a communicational act. A medium is a material support to the spiritual potential of human...
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    by Imbert, Clémence
    Published 2017
    ... of styles, search for influences, etc. The ‘visual communication’ exhibitions organised by the CCI provide a...
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