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    by Cameron Edmond, Tomasz Bednarz
    Published 2021-06-01
    Subjects: ...Visualisation...
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    by Jude, Simon Richard
    Published 2003
    ... of this there have been calls to develop new techniques to aid the communication of coastal information to the public...
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    by Hyde, Richard William
    Published 2017
    ... visualization techniques, into a software package which is used to demonstrate how the analyses can provide...
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    by Thomas, Dean P.
    Published 2019
    Subjects: ...indirect volume rendering, topology driven visualisation, multivariate visualisation, contour tree...
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    by Cosimato, Pasquale
    Published 2014
    ... different visualisation techniques, have been evaluated. A bicycle simulator was used, and the game has been...
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    by Ncube, Sinini Paul
    Published 2012
    ... and geographic visualisation techniques. There has been an attempt in the use of web-based reporting in South...
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    by Thomas, Dean P.
    Published 2018
    ... of computations. A survey of the use of visualisation techniques in lattice QCD initially returned relatively few...
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    by Butler, James Andrew
    Published 2016
    ... of a novel model hybridisation framework and visualisation tools, permitting the development...
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    by Martin Sterry
    Published 2018-05-01
    Subjects: ...Multivariate techniques...
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    by Stuart Jeffrey
    Published 2001-05-01
    ... is to generate accurate three dimensional models of these monuments using a variety of data capture techniques...
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    by Ventura, Quentin
    Published 2014
    ...La technique de visualisation décrite dans ce mémoire permet de visualiser les mouvements de...
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    by B. Moore, C. Mack, J. Duncan, J. Burgess
    Published 2010-01-01
    ... optimisation. Three technologies are available for the qualitative visualisation of metal - biomass...
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