Paris-Panthéon-Assas University

Paris-Panthéon-Assas University (, ), commonly known as Panthéon-Assas or Paris 2 ( ), is a university in Paris, often described as the top law school of France. It is considered the direct inheritor of the Faculty of Law of Paris ("the Sorbonne"), the second-oldest faculty of Law in the world, founded in the 12th century.

Following the 1970 split of the University of Paris, often referred to as the 'Sorbonne,' in the aftermath of the May 68 events, law professors faced decisions regarding the future of their Faculty. 88 out of 108 law professors elected to sustain the legacy of the Faculty of Law of Paris by establishing a new university dedicated to the study of law. The university is housed within the same two buildings that previously accommodated the Faculty of Law of Paris.

Panthéon-Assas, now an independent university, continues to offer the law courses associated with Sorbonne University, having declined to officially integrate as one of its faculties.

The majority of the 19 campuses of Panthéon-Assas are located in the Latin Quarter, Paris, with the main campuses on Place du Panthéon and Rue d'Assas, hence its current name. The university is composed of five departments specializing in law, political science, economics, journalism and media studies, and public and private management, and it hosts 24 research centres and five specialized doctoral schools. Every year, the university enrolls approximately 18,000 students, including more than 3,000 international students. Provided by Wikipedia
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